Viva paper towels coupons 2017

Viva is a new company that produces paper towels. It was founded in 2009, and in just two short years, it has a lot of clients that love the company’s products. People like Viva Paper Towels it makes a greater job than the ordinary paper towels that can be found on the market. Viva Paper Towels are organized in several varieties, like napkins or rolls in different sizes for every person’s needs and of course, different textures, depending on the purpose that the paper towels are going to be used. This way, Viva is leaving the clients a lot of freedom in choosing the best products that fit perfect to their problems. Viva Paper Towels are soft and long lasting, so that you are not forced to buy every day another roll of paper towel.


Viva paper towels coupons 2017 / Paper towels

Save 50 cents with a Big Roll!
– $0.50/2 Big Roll Package
– $0.50 off Napkins
(for March 2017)

New coupons:
– $0.50/1 Viva napkins coupon only in SS Insert from 14 July 2013.
Expires 24 August 2013.
– $0.25/1 Viva napkins coupon only in SS Insert from 14 July 2013.
Expires 24 August 2013.

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Various Paper towel coupons:
$0.25/1 Bounty Paper Towels (no trial size)
$0.75/1 Sparkle Paper Towel ecoupon.
– Magazine coupon: $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels coupon in All You March 2012 at page 67-68.
– $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels coupon for 6 rolls in Walgreens IVC

$1 off 2 Viva Paper towel coupon on Facebook!


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And because they have such a large use in a home, no matter if it is the kitchen or the bathroom or just a general use, Viva though about giving coupons for the clients. So, now it is easier to buy paper towel with Viva coupons. Besides the fact that Viva Paper Towels have a good quality and they do not run out so quickly, they have an attractive price, too. And with the coupons that the company is giving, buying Viva Paper Towels will be so cheap. You do not have to worry about the fact that you do not have enough money to afford to buy paper towels every time that you need them.

Keep the coupons for Viva Paper Towels always with you when you go shopping, because it will save money that you can spend on some other things that you may need. A little saving here, with another one on something else will make your life easier. Your budget will be equilibrated and you will not to stress out about it. Keep your kitchen clean and your money in the wallet using the Viva Paper Towels coupons. It is a great opportunity and you will be very pleased by the choice. What can I say, paper towels are a need nowadays, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, as well in our house.

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  1. Annie says

    There is a super great deal at Walgreens until 16 April 2012 at Viva Paper towels. You can get the for super cheap. All you have to do is to buy 2 Viva Paper Towels (they have 6 pack), usually around $6. You will get $4 Catalinas. Don’t forget to use this one
    There is also one $1/1 Viva Paper Towels for 6 rolls/pack in the Walgreens IVC. More coupons here if you search Viva.

    I’ll be buying these tomorrow and report back more.

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