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When it comes to shaving the first thing that you might think of is a man with a beard. Well, this is a normal thing to do because men have always used all sorts of types of blades, sometimes even swords, to shave their beard or their heads. There are all sorts of types of blades today that will help you shave your chin if you will want to get rid of your rugged look or of your beard. One of the best manufacturers of blades for shaving is Gillette.

This is a company that created all sorts of cool shaving devices that use razor blades in them. Well, while you will normally think of a man when it comes to shaving you should know that women shave a lot more than men do! This is why Gillette created the Venus razor blade for women. This one created to be gentle with the skin of women. If you will want to buy some Venus razor blades then you can use some coupons to do so. You might be able to get more single use blades for really good prices! This being said, here are some coupons that will help you get a better price for the Venus razor blades.


Venus razor printable coupons / Refill coupons

Buy 20+ Venus Razor Printable Coupons on Ebay.
Many printable coupons to use in January 2017.

New printable couponGet $3/1 OFF one Venus Razor online.
Expires 30 May 2015.

New Kroger ecoupon$3/1 Venus Razor/Bikini razor ecoupon.
Expired 26 October 2013.

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Amazon offers:

Gillette Venus Cartridges for shaving just $8,99!
(you save over 72% + $10 back with P&G)


There are also some Venus razor printable coupons that will allow you to get a $2 discount of a full pack of 12 Venus razor blades! With these coupons you will be able to shave and get the look that you have been looking for a really long time. There is also a coupon that will allow you to get a free Venus razor blade for the bikini shave style. This coupon is different than the one that will allow you to get a free simple Venus razor blade. This one is a special razor blade that is more maneuverable than the simple ones.

So, whenever you will feel like getting a really nice shave then you should use the Venus razor blades from Gillette (lots of gillette coupons printable available!). You should use the coupons that work for these razor blades whenever you will want to buy them because you will be able to save some money. Furthermore, nothing is better than a nice razor, even if you are a women or a men.

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