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In those few days of menstruation all women need to go through once a month, one of the most important things is being comfortable and really clean. While external pads can be sometimes preferred, they are not always the most hygienic alternatives, especially to ladies with an abundant flux. While some women like to use tampons such as Tampax without any safety pad, others like to have double protection. Tampax is known to be a high quality tampon brand.

Today being owned by Procter and Gamble, the original Tampax started to be produced in the year of 1936. Since then, it mainly produced tampons, but during World War Two, the same brand manufactured wound dressings that were used by the men in the army. One of the things that was remarkable about this tampon brand is the fact that it was originally made to be flushable, as the materials used for making it were all biodegradable.


Tampax printable coupons / Pearl coupons

Get some Official Tampax coupons from their official website.
(for March 2017). Get yours!
Won’t work for Canadian residents!
In the meantime get your Kotex coupons too!

New Kroger ecoupon$2/2 Tampax Pearl ecoupon.
Like I said before, this is not an actual printable coupon, rather an e-coupon.
Expires 31 May 2015.

Free SampleFree Tampax Sample on Facebook. – Just got a reset.

New magazine coupons:
– $1/1 Always Radiant or Tampax Radiant coupon in Allure from May 2012. Expires 30 June 2012. Page 214.
– $1/2 Always Radiant/ Tampax coupon in Cosmopolitan from May 2012. Expires 30 June 2012. Page 97.

Request one $2 off Tampax Pearl printable coupon.
(from P&G)

Search our coupon database for more Tampax/tampons and women coupons/deals.

More Tampax Free samples from Being a Girl!

Don’t forget about $1/1 Tampax Pearl from PG 8/28!

Cheapies Tampax coupons printable on Ebay, for sale.


In store coupons:

$10 off $49 Tampax products at Diapers.com
– free shipping
– $0.50-1 Ecoupon available too.

More tampon coupons. Still not happy? We have a lot of free stuff just for you.
(beauty samples, Kotex, Playtex, Always pads coupons and more)


Of course, if you can’t wait for the mailing list or if you simply want more coupons than the website has to offer, you can find coupons sites and get some from there. Some stores don’t accept Internet coupons. Make sure you note that and once you’ve gotten all the Tampax printable coupons you would like to use, find out whether your local store would accept them. Also, normally no store will accept more than only one coupons per buy, so don’t be greedy.

Get your Tampax at a reasonable price and forget about those sensitive days and about the unpleasant feeling you get when you can’t feel fresh enough.

Beauty coupons:

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