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We all know that men have a more distinctive smell, especially when they are doing some physical effort. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as we are all humans and many of us have gone through the situation of needing a good deodorant to keep the sweat smell under control. We like to always be clean and smell fresh and we also like to see that other people take care of these aspects.

With Right Guard, men have the opportunity to smell good all day long. There is a shower gel that is part of this brand and of course, a deodorant for men. This brand is especially dedicated to active men, especially sportsmen. With this brand, you can wash in the morning by using the shower gel from Right Guard and then use the Deodorant to stay fresh for a longer time. Dial Corporation manufactures the products and everything is owned by Henkel.


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New e-coupon$2/2 off Right Guard printable coupon.
Expires 31 January 2017.

New Right Guard coupon$1 off printable coupon.
– $1/1 Right Guard Total Defense coupon
– $2/2 Right Guard Total Defense coupon
Facebook coupon for: Total Defense deodorant, Bodywash (up to 8pk).
Expired 30 September 2013.

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$2/2 Right Guard printable coupons can be found, but there are also different discounts depending on what coupons you find online. Make sure for them to be valid and try not to buy coupons. Paying money in order to save money doesn’t really make sense unless the discounts you will get will be much bigger than the money you spend on coupons.

Smell great all day and do the sport you like without smelling bad. Go take a shower and use Right Guard to feel fresh. People around you will notice the difference with this shower gel and with the deodorant, regardless of what type of deodorant you prefer. Right Guard has them all.

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