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There are lots of tiny things which can count a lot in a certain situation, like tissue paper. Hundreds of years ago the paper was used for packaging and as padding. The first who was to introduce available paper was Joseph Gayetty, in 1857 and it is now used as toilet paper, as napkins, as kitchen paper, blotting paper, wrapping paper, rough paper, tissue paper and many other types. They can be perfumed, moistened, with two or three layers for a better absorption.

Now different companies have improved the tissue paper adding more layers, and different materials to make it softer, flexible and resistant. Some of the companies have taken into consideration their chemical addition and tried remove the harmful substances and add new substances and materials so as to be safe. One of the companies which deals with these issues is Quilted Northern.


Quilted northern coupons

New printable coupon0.75/1 off Quited printable coupon.
Rolling! Available in January 2017.

New Facebook coupon$1/1 off Quilted coupon.
Limited, via Facebook.

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Quilted Northern Ultra Plush – $6,35 shipped at Amazon!
(don’t know if this is available any longer)

Oficial promotions from Quilted Northern!


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If you are not satisfied of Quilted Northern products you can get your money back. Although their products are not very expensive, depending on the size you can get 60 rolls at the price of $58, or a Northern ultra plush bathroom tissue, having 10 rolls at the price of $12, or a Northern bath tissue, double roll at the price of $4 and many others. Sometimes they can give discounts right at their store, or you can get free coupons from their facebook or twitter page, there the users sometimes post other links from where you can get the Quilted northern coupons.

You have also the possibility to choose your favorite Quilted northern coupon 2011 online and then print it at your home. The codes are also easy to purchase online, you have just to check when they expire. I love Quilted northern, altough some people are not on my side!

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