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The peanut butter is like an icon to the United States so there is nothing unusual for the American people to have it in their homes. And if you ask anyone, the answer to the question “Which is the best peanut butter?”, the answer will be the same: Planters peanut butter. Planters is a brand of the Kraft Foods company and it is specialized in snack food. The brand is mostly known for the mascot that represents it, Mr. Peanut, that it is present in all of the Planters commercials. Choose to have the best recopies by using every time you cook the Planters peanut butter. The taste of it is delicious and it will instantly change for the better the taste of any kind of dish. Also, the price of the Planters peanut butter is very attractive, so a lot of people are very pleased with the choices that they make by buying it, which is the main goal of the brand: a satisfied public.


Printable Planters peanuts coupons

New printable coupon$1 off Planters e-coupon.
Expires 19 October 2014. New ones in April 2017, maybe?

New printable coupon:
– $1/1 Planters nutrition mix multipack coupon only in SS Insert from 25 August 2013.
Expired 31 October 2013.

New Panters Facebook coupon – $1/2 off Planters.
(Still Rolling!)

$0.75 off printable coupon for Military members.

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$1/2 Planters Peanuts 16 oz in Walgreens December coupon book.
(you can find it in stores or online)

You can find other coupons ($0.25/1; $1.25/3; etc) for Planters Peanuts in the database.
(Deliciously Simple Holiday Recipes coupons, Meijer Meal Box, etc)

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This is why everyone should take advantage of the offer that Planters is giving to the peanut butter that it is making, because they will see how little they will pay for it. Also, the quality of the Planters peanut butter will be at the same high standards, because this is the way that the company is showing its respect to the clients. And the clients feel very well to know that someone is thinking about them and their needs and that the company has created the coupons, that will make them pay less, just for them. So get the coupons for the Planters peanut butter and next time you go shopping take them with you and use them at the cash registers in order to get your discount. I wake up every morning and give my children some good peanut butter and they feel happy, pleased and ready to go to school!

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