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Although we have heard some discussions about antiperspirants, the fact that they contain aluminum which can cause the Alzheimer disease or cancer, it has been attested that their content of aluminum is insignificant. Nowadays, all the experts try to make products of a high quality, but at the same time they are concerned about their effects on the human body. One of the many other companies which deal with such an issue is Speed Stick’s. This company was founded in 1878, and Speed Stick was a brand of Mennen’s company. Its products are now the most famous and used.

Occasionally, they offer coupons on their website, but most of them can be found in magazines and newspapers. Sometimes they give samples too. Whenever you buy any speed stick antiperspirant you can get one for free if you have the discount Lady speed stick printable coupon. With one coupon you can save $0.50 at the purchase of any speed stick item, you can receive $2 when you buy a $2.49 speed stick deodorant and many other great discounts. Periodically they offer discounts right at their store.


Lady speed stick coupons

Lady speed stick printable coupons on Ebay!
– $0.50 off printable coupons
– more
– new ones in 2017?

New e-coupon$0.50/1 OFF Lady Speed stick e-coupon.
Expired 21 February 2015.

New coupons:
– $0.50/1 Speed Stick (regular/lady products) coupon only in SS Insert from 20 October 2013.
Expired 9 November 2013.

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(and for February 2017)


They don’t send any emails, but you can visit them on their facebook page, there you’ll find their exclusive promotions and even coupons. Their offers are also available on other many online sites, you just have to look for them. You can choose your favorite coupon, sometimes they have a picture with the product you can purchase, print it at your home and then go and buy the product at a lower price. The printable coupons have some codes due to you can receive the discounts. If you don’t have the codes you can purchase them online. The antiperspirants are indispensable in our daily body care, so we can buy them whenever we have the occasion, as with coupons. Have both, high quality and lower costs. If you want to smell good and be a good and healthy or beautiful person, you need to take care of yourself!

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    • Roxy says

      Hint. It might be your luck day. It might be a free deodorant lady speed stick at CSV. Here is how:
      – Use the $1/1 Lady speed stick from SS, Smart Source Insert
      – $1.5/1 off Lady Speed stick coupon from CSV Red Magic coupon machine. You need to scan your card from CSV to get the coupon.
      You get it for free. Let us know if you did the magic.

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