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Most women have a few days per month when they feel more sensitive than usual. All women feel the need to at least feel clean and dry these few days when menstruation is installed. Feminine hygiene products are making a huge difference these days, compared to the hard times women in the past had to go through during that certain period of the month.

While some women just feel sensitive and maybe even dizzy during their period, others are still active and they need the best protection they can get in order not to be kept back by anything. Kotex is one of the brands of feminine hygiene products. It is really good and there are multiple products to choose from depending on your daily needs. There are pantyliners that can be used on a daily basis and Kotex pads of various sizes and Secure tampons. The company that owns the brand is called Kimberly – Clark. There is also U by Kotex, which consists of feminine hygiene products for younger girls. Another great company that makes tampons is Always.


Kotex printable coupons / Always pads coupons

New deal/sampleGet free Kotex sample: 2 regular tampon samples + 2 super tampon samples + one printable coupon.
Expires 31 March 2017.

New e-coupon$1.1 OFF Kotex printable coupon.
Expires 1 January 2015.

New coupons:
– $1.50/2 coupon only in SS Insert from 22 September 2013.
Expires 2 November 2013.
– $0.75/1 Kotex U tampons coupon only in SS Insert from 22 September 2013.
Expires 2 November 2013.

New deal/sample Get Free Charm Bracelet.
It should take 4-6 weeks for it to arrive.

Current Always pads coupons printable.

More Kotex printable coupons (Dare Kotex).

New Savings Star coupon – $1.5/2 Kotex coupon.

Found even more Kotex coupons in the coupon database.

– Kotex Pads, Liners, Security Tampons and Maxi pads.
(they are found in SS Insert and Walgreens IVC)

Free Samples.

We have plenty other tampon coupons and beauty coupons.


Important tipthe free stuff and samples section if full of Free things.
(coupons for pads, tampons, U By Kotex)


Many women who are used to Kotex products are having a hard time in finding Kotex coupons or Kotex printable coupons online. This is normally a problem for people who don’t know how to look for website destined for giving away coupons. A better way to get coupons every now and then is to sign up to the websites that are Kotex’ official websites. There is the original website and the website dedicated to the U by Kotex products. Subscribing for the newsletter is always an opportunity to find out first about everything a company does and about various benefits for customers. You will receive periodic news and even coupons or special limited offers. Depending on the type of newsletter they send out, you will either receive coupons and flyers at home or in your email inbox.

Many women got used to buying everything with coupons these days. If Kotex pads and tampons could not be purchased by using coupons too, maybe the company would suffer great losses. However, the brand manufactures good products that really are appreciated.

It’s good for customers to always look for coupons online, in order to benefit from profitable discounts. Your Sunday newspaper probably brought you such coupons once or twice, but it usually doesn’t bring only coupons we find useful. Take this matter in your own hands and solve it. Get your feminine hygiene products cheaper!

Momies coupons:

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