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When preparing meals, we need to think about variety and taste as well as nutritional value. A home cooked meal is fresh, healthy without having extra ingredients of which we don’t know. One of the many companies which is famous for its natural and fresh aliments is Knorr’s. This company’s story began in 1838, in Germany.

Carl Heinrich Knorr after finishing his school, he builds his own factory and becomes a trader in agricultural produce. Realizing that he needs for his workers a quickly way to prepare the meal, he started to experiment with different vegetables and try to find a way to preserve their nutritional value and at the same time to reduce the time of cooking. He succeeds in creating instant soups. Soon his products became popular and started to be sold. Little by little new products had been introduced, like sauces and bullions, taste breaks ready made-meal, frozen meals, pasta sauces and many others.


Knorr pasta sides coupons / Printable coupons

New Knorr coupon$0.75/1 off Knorr e-coupon
Expired 8 January 2015
Maybe new ones in March 2017

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Knorr Aromat All Purpose Seasoning just $43,64 at Amazon!
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Knorr Entree Mixes-Pot Roast just $25,30 at Amazon!
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The easiest way to procure them is online. You have the possibility to choose your favorite Knorr coupon, to print at your home and then go shopping. Most of the Knorr coupons have codes so as to receive the discount. If you don’t have the code on your coupon you can easily purchase it online. You just have to pay attention to their term of validity.

The company has also a facebook page, there you can also find their coupons and offers. The users can sometimes post links, comment about their products and say other places where you can find their Knorr coupons printable. This product is indispensable in your kitchen, so you can buy it whenever you have the chance. Having their benefits you can save some extra money for yourself.

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  1. Jenny says

    I love using Knorr for everything like soup and stuff. I and my sister use it all the time and love it. Do you have some more recipes?

    • Jessica Frankie says

      I don’t have recipes on the website right now, but I’m looking forward to writing Knorr recipes in the future.
      If you have any, please send them to me via email and I’ll post them online, but they have to be unique.

  2. Don says

    just watched the video from coupon network, but I can’t see the coupon printable. Is there something wrong? How can I print it. thanks!

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