Free samples

This is probably the best page from this website. What can be better than a page full of free samples, probably hundreds of dollars in value? Who doesn’t need freebies in this economic crisis? You need freebies, that’s why you will spend your next half an hour reading this page. Good luck!


Aveeno – All you have to do is to sign up to get a free lotion.
(wash or lotion – it’s free)

Sephora Free Bare Minerals sample.
(limited offer for 10 days)

Playtex – Get Playtex samples for free.

Tampax – get your free Tampax Pearl plastic samples here.

Jcpenney – free lash injection.

Purina – get a free toy for your dog/cat from Purina.
(you need to sign up for it)

Always pads – get your free Always samples.
(it’s free, why not?)

Parent’s Choice – sign up and get one Infant Formula sample.

Tena – free Tena Sample from Walmart.
(because aging is enough. Because we live in the 21 century)

Burger King – Buy One Whooper and get 1 for FREE.
(Expires 11 December 2011 – starts 9 December 2011)

Nescafe – Free samples of Nescafe Taster choice.
(all you need is to sign up)

Buddha grow – get your free sample of Buddha grow 8 oz.


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