Free kindle books

We all love our Kindle. What can be better than some free Kindle books to read in our free time? We have an entire list of free Kindle books:


New Kindle Ebook for free – Chili Cookbook from Amazon!

2012 and Beyond – probably the best book I’ve read by far.

Dead Air – it’s free on Amazon (original it was at least $14)

One Imperfect Christmas – again, free on Amazon.

Sweet Baklava – free on Amazon also. Do not buy it before checking the price. If it’s $0,00 it’s ok, it’s free.
(prices can change in time)

The Everything Healthy Cooking for Parties – free on Amazon.

A Victorian Christmas – free. Perfect for your future Christmas/New Years Eve.

The Story of the Other Wise Man – free on Amazon.

Mary’s Son A Tale of Christmas – free for a limited time on Amazon.
(reviewers say it’s extraordinary)

Amazing Cakes – free at Amazon and perfect for your kitchen.
(remembered, price can change. Check it out if is still free)



TIP – you don’t need Kindle to read these free Kindle ebooks. You can download (for free) and read it on your Iphone/Android/so on with these free Kindle Apps.

Need more hot deals? Can’t get enough? We have an entire section of Popular deals also. It’s hot and burning!

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