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  1. Annie fan says

    I’ll start first. I’m a big fan of (using it daily to find the best coupons). Here are my tips for your readers:
    – never shop without coupons (you can find printable coupon on Facebook, on Twitter and mostly every brand gives coupons on sign up).
    – don’t make this mistake or you will lose money. One of the biggest mistake I saw on my friends is that they use coupons just because they get it. YOU HAVE TO USE THE COUPONS when it’s the right time (clearance or something). Do not and never use the printable coupons you have just because you have them. Use them at the right time.

    – ANOTHER MISTAKE people make is this – don’t want to print the coupon tomorrow, because tomorrow it might be out of print. Print it now, print it when you see it available. In todays economy you are lucky if you print it first.

    – before going shopping don’t forget to check out They have plenty printable coupons and you can save a lot of money

    – don’t forget to buy All You magazine. You can save lots of money paying little for this magazine every month.

    c’mmon, write the best tips you know here.


    • Vicky Ricky says

      – one of the most important things when shopping online is to buy what you really need, when you need. If you want to save money, buy only things you need. NEVER buy on season products, because they aren’t so cheap as off-season.
      – before you ever buy something online from a store, be sure you are already member of the store printable/promotional offers via Facebook or text emails. On your birthday party/sign up you can get printable coupons for free. Altough credit cards given in store seem to offer discounts, interest rates are often higher and not good enough to save money. So be careful!
      – use websites to compare product costs before buying anything. Get the lowest price possible.

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