Faq – couponing

Here are all your answers. If your answer is not here, feel free to comment and ask me:


Step 1 – get started. It’s more easy than you think. See here (new to couponing)

Step 2 – Here are all types of coupons (Tearpads, eCoupons, Peelies, Blinkies, Catalinas and Manufactured coupons). You can probably find plenty of coupons in our coupon database.

Step 3 – The best place to find printable coupons is the internet, of course. I recommend Redplum (here you can find brands with Redplum coupons), Coupon Network (here you can find brands with Coupon Network coupons), coupons.com and of course, www.myrecipelist.com

Step 4 – You are allowed to print a coupon once.

Step 5 – Yes, you need a home printer to print your coupon. You can’t print it without a coupon.

Step 6 – How hard is to use the coupon database? It’s easy. Search for your brand or whatever you like, select where you want to find it (Blinkie, printable coupon, Peelie, etc) and then hit search. How hard can it be?

Step 7 – Here you can find a list of restaurants coupons.

Step 8 – Here you can find a list of restaurants that have birthday freebies and what are them.

Step 9 – Here you can find a list of restaurants that have seniors discount and which are them and at what age.

Step 10 – How cheap is printer ink? Printer ink is cheap, but you can make it even cheaper with these ideas – you need a laser printer and you need to refill your cartridges, not buy new ones. Shop it around clearance or browse for ink coupons on our website.


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