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Have you ever heard of probiotic dairy products? It is a term used to refer to dairy products that contain live microorganisms that have the role of improving one’s health state. Activia is one of the brands of such dairy products. This brand is owned by the world renowned Danone company, better known as Dannon in the United States.

The products sold under the Activia name are especially intended for people who often encounter digestion problems. It seems that thanks to the fact that the products are probiotic, they can really help one’s digestion to equilibrate and start working as it should. The yogurts and other products from Activia are suggestively called functional foods. This brand is sold worldwide in about thirty countries. The yogurts from Activia are among the most popular products from this brand and fruit yogurts really have fruit in them.


Activia / Dannon coupons

New Activia coupons:

Magazine coupons:
– $1/1 Activia coupon in All You Magazine from March 2012 at page 122-123.
– $1/1 Activia Harvest Picks in All You from February 2012 at page 88-89.
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Ebay has a lot of Activia coupons.
(for January 2017)

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– $1/2 Dannon All Natural Yogurt in Meijer Meal Box


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But have you heard about the Activia Challenge? It’s a sort of program which is meant to encourage people to consume Activia. It is told that if one eats the necessary amount of Activia for fourteen days, their digestive system will get all better. If not, they get a full refund. Luckily, if you sign up for this challenge, you automatically get printable coupons you can use for getting the necessary products for the challenge. This is a great way of saving money and getting a nice health benefit.

Activia has surely convinced lots of people of its benefic effects, but the prices are still not always affordable. Coupons will spare a few dollars in your wallet and you will really feel satisfied with getting better deals. Check the expiration dates of the coupons, in order to be able to use them in stores without any problems.

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Grocery/Restaurant coupons:

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