Coupon basics – you need to know

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You and I have to understand that most of the people reading or searching this blog are brand new to couponing, like I was a couple of years ago. It’s likely you never used a coupon before, you are nervous only thinking about couponing and you don’t know what to do and where to get your favorite coupons. Let me tell you something – it is very simple and you don’t have to be afraid.


Step 1 – search the web for coupons and print them for free (yes, they are free to print). Furthermore, visit our coupon database to find and print your favorite coupons.

Step 2 – probably the most important. Go to your favorite shop and give the cashier your coupon. If it’s not expired, it should work. Even if some coupons (printable) are expired, they can work at some stores, such at Target and others.

Step 3 – once you used your coupon, you can’t use it again. That’s why you need to find another coupon to go shopping.

Step 4 – no more than one coupon on a single item/brand. That’s super important, so you have to be very careful about it.

Very important – do not multiply your printable coupon. It’s not legal. Instead you can buy multiple magazine to get multiple coupons legally. It’s super simple.


If you are just starting out (2011-2012 is a great time to start couponing), please read my new to couponing article. It teaches you where to find free coupons and save a lot of money.

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