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Having a cool drink during the hot summer days is something really nice to have. Most people go for fizzy drinks that have been kept in ice. Other people like to drink beer when it is hot outside but because of the alcohol content beer is not really doing anything in cooling you down and hydrating you. But there are all sorts of types of drinks and one of them is Capri Sun. This is a drink that is made from concentrated juice! It is well known throughout the United States and also around Europe from where it first came! This is a German brand. The really cool part about the Capri Sun drinks is the fact that they come in some really nice pouches that contain the fluid and from which you have to drink by using a straw. The bottom of these pouches is really cool as well as it allows you to put it on any horizontal surface! If you will want to save some money when you will buy these drinks then you should know that you can use some Capri Sun coupons! These coupons are really awesome! Here are some of them. They will surely help you save quite a lot of money.


Capri sun coupons

New e-coupon$1/2 off Capri Sun coupon.
Expires 18 October 2014.
Maybe new ones in February 2017?
If a new coupon/e-coupon appears, we will post it here.

New coupons:
– B1G1 Capri Sun coupon in SS Insert from 21 April 2013.
Expired 30 June 2013.
– B2G1 Capri Sun coupon only in SS Insert from 21 April 2013.
Expired 30 June 2013.

New printable coupon$1/2 off Capri Sun coupon.
Expired 7 January 2013.

$1/2 Capri Sun Big Pouch Products coupon.

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You should know that the Capri Sun juices have quite a lot of flavors that you can try out! You should know that you will be able to get some printable Capri sun coupons that will allow you to get any kind of these juices. One of these coupons will allow you to $1 on two Capri Sun juice! If you want to get another coupon then you should know that you will be able to choose from many such coupons! One of them will allow you to get a $0.50 discount for every juice pouch from a 10 piece pack! This means that you will be able to save quite a lot of money when you will go to pay for the whole thing! This is how you will be able to save a lot of money when you will buy some Capri Sun juice.

There are special web sites that deal with promo codes and coupons and there you will be able to find the Capri sun printable coupon that will work for Capri Sun. There is nothing better than having a good juice to drink and keep yourself happy and healthy!

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