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99 Restaurant is a restaurant and pub chain that appeared in 1952. Ever since then, people have chosen the 99 Restaurant as a place to hang out with friends or family to celebrate or just to relax after a hard day of work. The quality is a very important value for the company and this is why the company has always been very careful with the ingredients that are used, so that everything is authentic. The success of the 99 Restaurant chain can be seen in the profits that it has every year, but as well in the number of restaurants opened until today and more exactly, there are 116 restaurants in the Northeast, serving about 20 million customers a year. Also, it has a very large menu, so that the clients could pick the exact dishes that they are in the mood for.


99 Restaurant coupons

$5 off coupon if you join their E-Club!
(all you have to do is to sign up with them!)
Expires 31 January 2017.

New coupon $5 off printable coupon.
Expired 8 September 2013.

Go here to find a 99 Restaurant location.


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And because 99 Restaurant wants to show to its clients the respect that it carries for them, the company is giving coupons, so that they could have cheaper meals. It is a great thing, because people will be able to spend less on the food than they were used to. A lot of persons have a very active life and they work hard every day, so they do not have that much time left to cook a proper meal for themselves or for their families. So, eating in town has become like a habit and it is important that this to be a healthy habit. And 99 Restaurant is a perfect place to get everything that you need from a meal, meaning great taste and the proteins and the other things that body needs in order to have energy.

The money should not be that big problem in this sense, because the coupons make a great job in cutting down the prices from the 99 Restaurant menus. With the help that the coupons give, people will be able to save some money and to manage their monthly budgets more effectively. So, not only that they will have great meals in town, forgetting about the dish wash that come after when they were eating at home, but they will also have great discounts to the bills that they get after they finish to eat. I love eating something good at restaurants every Saturday morning with all my family!

Restaurant coupons:

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